Winter Socks for Snowwy Area

Winter socks are one of the important parts to keep warm. Keep your feet warm is necessary. You should pay much attention to winter socks. Sometimes we just think the cotton socks should be the best choice, as we always choose the cotton bath tower. But I want to tell you something you do not know about our socks. The socks made from different materials are plays different roles. Winter socks are also complex issue. As we all know, thick socks can give us warmth during the cold months, but most of us often ignore the materials of socks. There is a variety of socks in the market. We always buy socks with wonderful color and flattering pattern design, in terms of the materials, we prefer the cotton socks. Most of us are puzzled with the materials of the socks. Now I want to tell you something we need to focus on.

Cotton socks are not the best choice. In fact, you should choose moisture wicking materials, for example, polypropylene, wool, acrylic. They are commonly used to make socks. They can effectively help you to keep warm during the cold weather. If you want to give warmth to your feet, you need to create a dry environment for your feet. Socks plays significant role in retaining your feet dry. If your feet get wet, your feet just like freezing. We perspire although in the cold season, the weather is cold, but our body is associated with perspiration.Our feet need a dry environment, as the dampness always lead our feet cold. You may feel that you feet quite warm while you are participate in a sport.


Your feet keep warm while you are taking activities. However, your feet will cool down very quickly, and then you will find that your wet feet are cold. What's worse, your feet will easily frostbite. Cotton socks keep your feet in a damp environment, which brings victims to your feet. As we all know cotton is mostly used to make bath towels, and it takes a long time to dry a wet towel. So if our feet keep wet after activities, the cotton socks will hold on moisture, which leads to a wet environment to your feet. Your feet will be dry unless you take off your shoes and remove off your cotton socks. For the purpose of keeping you feet warm, you should give up your previous choices, you need to choose socks made with typically used moisture materials ----polypropylene, wool. Pay much attention to winter socks while you know how to choose winter socks. Creating a dry environment to your feet, which give warmth to you throughout the winter.

Note: In New Zealand, in the US military, and elsewhere, polypropylene, or 'polypros' (New Zealand 'polypros'), has been used for the fabrication of cold-weather base layers, such as long-sleeve shirts or long underwear. Polypropylene is also used in warm-weather gear such as some under armor clothing, which can easily transport sweat away from the skin. The material has recently been introduced into the fashion industry.;id=2;

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